Character Race Descriptions


The centauric races actually are made of up several distinct groups, which share the common trait of being half humanoid, half quadraped.

There are several important notes common to all centauri. As they tend to be of different size than the usual human, they may be affected by weapon damage differently (hybsil are size S, while centaur and wemics are size L). All also have considerably different body construction than a normal humanoid. While they may wear normal humanoid armor on their torso, the equine part of their body requires some sort of barding to be protected. When determining Armor Class for attacks against centauri, use the following method: all frontal attacks will be against the humanoid torso, side attack will be split 50/50 against the humanoid/equine parts, and rear attack wil be 25/75 against the torso/hidequarters (unless the attacker is using a sort weapon or body weaponry and cannot reach across the centuari's body, in which case all rear attacks fall on the equine portion).

Also, due their different body structure, centauri find climbing impossible. They still should have a climbing rating determines, though, as this also reflects the ability to navigate narrow ledges and rope or suspension bridges, which are well within centuari ability.


Centaurs are half-human, half-horse. They are mostly found in secluded glades deep in forests. They are generally suspicious of other races, except elves (to whom they are relatively friendly). Full grown centaur average 4' at the (horse) shoulder and about 7' overall. The long, fine hair of the horse body gradually gives way to bare flesh of the human torso. Centaur grow hair on their torso in the same manner as normal humans and also may grow short beards. Hair color (both human and horse) varies from light brown to black, with rare blondes occuring. Eye color is green or shades of brown. Skin color ranges from black to medium tan.

Centaur may become bards, cavaliers, druids, fighters, magic-users (though they may not specialize), rangers, thieves, and multi-classed fighter/druids, fighter/thieves, or ranger/druids.

Centaur cavaliers, fighters, and rangers favor the lance, and may charge (with all the attendant bonuses) given a 50' space. They also favor the short and composite short bows.

Centaurs have tougher skin than normal humanoids. Their natural Armor Class is 7. Any armor with a protective power of 7 or less (leather, padded, ring, studded leather, or leather scale) provides a +1 bonus to AC (making the AC 6), while the centaur's tough skin gives a +1 AC bonus when wearing armor with a natural AC of 6 or better. Shields provide their usual protection, regardless of other armor worn.

Due to the equine nature and size, centaur can carry a larger burden that a normal character. If the centaur is able to distribute the carried burden over his entire body (using proper containers, of course), increase his Strength by 3 steps for encumbrance determination only . Thus, a centaur of Strength 14 would use the line for 18, while a centaur of 18/68 Strength would use the 18/00 line on the Encumbrance Limits Table. A centaur's normal Strength is used for all other determinations (maxium press, ``to hit'' and damage bonuses, etc.).

Their large size also causes centaurs to generally be uncomfortable in normal humanoid buildings, since they were not constructed with the centaur's unique body in mind. Stairs in particular give centaur a great deal of trouble, and many steep, winding stairs that are not difficult for humans prove impossible for centaur. For this reason (and also due to their normal love of nature), most centaur prefer not to anventure underground.

Most centaur are able to speak the following languages: common, centaur, dryad, elvish, gnome, halfling, goblin, and satyr.

Centaur are able to make 2 attacks with their hooves in addition to a normal weapon attack. However, attacking with their hooves makes a weapon attack more difficult: during any round which a centaur attacks with its hooves, no spell casting may take place, and all weapon attacks are at -2. Centaur may not charge and attack with their hooves in the same round. Hoove attacks cause 1-6 points of damage each.

Centaur receive a +1 bonus to both Stength and Constitution, but must take a -1 penalty to their initially generated Dexterity and Wisdom.


Hybsil are half-pixie, half-antelope. They tend to be quite small (about 3' tall overall). Hybsil usually have antelope horns growing from their head, and have long ears. Few hybsil have humanoid-style hair, rather their heads are covered with the short hair common to antelope. Their humanoid torso usually has a very fine covering of hair. Hybsil cannot grow beards. Hair and eye color is brown and green or brown, respectively.

Hybsil may become cavaliers, druids, fighters, rangers, thieves, and multi-classed fighter/druids, fighter/thieves, or ranger/druids.

Hybsil are highly attuned to the feelings and natural tendencies of most equines (horses, zebras, antelope, etc.) and have the equivalent of the animal handling and animal lore non-weapon proficiencies.

Although hybsil sometimes encounter the same problems as centuar with respect to humanoid structures, their much smaller size allows them to overcome most of these potential difficulties. Nonetheless, due to their inherently natural bent, most hybsil prefer the wide open spaces of fields and the outdoors in general, and avoid

Hybsil are naturally very tough, gaining a bonus on all saving throws. For each 3½ points of constitution, a hybsil saves at +1.

In a manner similar to centaurs, hybsil can carry extra equipment. They gain only a 1 step bonus to Encumbrance Limits Table, however.

Hybsil speak the following languages: common, elf, and hybsil. They hate bugbears, gnolls, and ogres, gaining a -4 Armor Class bonus when fighting such creatures, due to their skill and long history fighting their larger opponents.

Hybsil receive a +1 bonus to their initially generated Consitution and Dexterity, but must take a -2 penalty to Strength.


Wemics are half-human, half-lion. They stand about 3' at the (lion) shoulder, and average 6' in height and 7' in length. Wemics have short, broad noses, with pointed ears and pronounced fangs. Both male and female wemics have very bushy eyebrows and long hair, with the males extending down their back. Male wemics also can grow large, shaggy beards, though this is not usually done by any but elders. Hair color ranges from light tan, through creme and dirty yellow. Male head hair color has a strong red tendency, while females tend towards brown. Wemics eye are usually green or brown, but blue is not rare. Wemics tend to be very aggressive and often run into difficulties in situations requiring tact and guile rather than direct action.

Wemics may become druids, fighters, rangers, magic-users (including specialists), thieves, and multi-classed fighter/druids, fighter/thieves, orranger/druids. Wemic fighters and rangers may use a lance in a charge attack.

Similar to centaurs, a wemic's natural Armor Class is getter than the usual 10 of humanoids. Wemics are naturally Armor Class 8, and wearing leather or padded armor give them an Armor Class of 7. Wemics gain a +1 bonus to AC when wearing armor with a natural protective value of AC 7 or better.

Also like centaurs, wemics gain a 3 step shift on Encumbrance Limits Table. They also have some of the same problems with humanoid buildings, though the wemic's lithe lion body is considerably more flexible than the centaur's equine one, and is thus able to overcome may of the difficulties encountered. Wemics may attack with their front claws (in a manner identical to centaurs) which cause 1-4 points of damage each.

Unlike hybsil and centaurs, wemics are equally at home underground and outside, although most generally prefer the out-of-doors, where they seldom run into any problem related to their body construction and their lack of climbing ability is not a liability. They also tend to dislike water, and few learn to swim.

Wemics speak common and wemic. As they tend to be far-ranging, they often speak several local human dialects. Wemics also have a natural talent for tracking. All wemics with tracking proficiency (including rangers) receive a -2 bonus to all proficiency checks.

Wemics receive a +1 bonus to Strength, but must take a -1 penalty to Wisdom.

Demon, Semi-

While virtually all demons are chaotic and evil, there remains a small segment of semi-demons that are not. The breeding of demons and humans results in a large variety of creatures. While most favor their demon parent, some are more stongly human. It is this segment that usually choses to live amongst humankind, rather than in the layers of the Abyss.

While most demons have a wide variety of magical powers (including magic resistance and immunity to non-magical weapons), semi-demons only acquire them through long habitation and exposure to the Abyss. As the following semi-demons have chosen to live (almost) exclusively on the Prime Material plane, many of these abilities are not gained or are significantly weaker.


Alu-demons are the offspring of human males and succubi. They are invariably female. Alu-demons have the full human range of eye, skin, and hair colors, though thier skin color almost always retains a hue of red. They can pass as humans, with two exceptions: all alu-demons retain a small set of vestigial bat-like wings (which provide no flying ability) and a small set of horns protruding from the top of their forehead.

Alu-demons may become assassins, clerics, fighters, magic-users (including specialists), ninja, thieves, and multi-classed cleric/assassins, cleric/thieves, fighter/assassins, fighter/clerics, fighter/magic-users, fighter/thieves, magic-user/clerics, magic-user/assassins, and magic-user/thieves. Non-player character alu-demons may become alchemists and sages.

While alu-demons which reside on the Prime Material plane have no magic resistance or immunity to magical or iron/silver weapons, they do retain some special powers from their demonic parent. All save vs. Spells, Rods, Staves, and Wands at +4. They also can perform the following magical powers, up to 3 times per day each, at a level of experience equal to their highest class: suggestion, charm person, ESP. In addition, alu-demons who are magic-users may use a dimension door once per day.

All alu-demons have considerably tougher skin than usual. They have a natural Armor Class of 5. Wearing any non-magical armor with an AC of less than 5 does not provide any additional protection. Magical armor of such type only adds the magical bonus to the alu-demon's Armor Class. Thus, leather armor +1 provides AC 4 to an alu-demon. Armors with a base AC of 5 or more provide their normal protective power, whether magical or not.

Alu-demons have a severe aversion to anything made of cold-wrought iron. Weapons made of such material cause 50% greater damage than normal to an alu-demon, and items made of cold-wrought iron cannot be touched by an alu-demon, as it cuases them considerable pain (but no damage).

Alu-demons speak common. They have ultravision with a range of 240'.

Alu-demons have no modifiers to their ability rolls.

Cambion Demons

Cambion demons are the offspring of human females and male demons. They are invariably male. The physical appearance of cambion demons varies widely, although all retain at least some characteristics of their demonic parent. Scaly skin, fangs, claws, pointed ears, horns, small wings, and stiff, wiry hair are all common inherited traits. Few cambion demons will have all of the preceeding characterists, usually having only one or two promient ones and one or two less-promient. However, most cambion demons cannot pass as a normal human. Their other physical characteristics are as varied as humans, though all tend towards being fairly muscular and quite tall.

Cambion demons may become assassins, cavaliers, clerics, fighters, magic-users (though not specialists), ninja, thieves, and multi-classed fighter/assassins, fighter/clerics, fighter/magic-users, fighter/thieves, magic-user/clerics, magic-user/assassins, and magic-user/thieves.

In a manner similar to alu-demons, cambion demons have a natural Armor Class of 6. Armor with a base AC of 7 or less only adds any applicable magical bonus to their AC, while armor of AC 6 or greater has its normal effect. They also save against all forms of magic at +4.

Cambion demons can cause fear at a touch, up to 3 times per day. Those with magical training (clerics and magic-users) can detect magic up to 3 times per day.

Cambion demons speak common. They have normal infravision to 60'.

Cambion demons have a +2 bonus to their initially generated Strength, but take a -1 penalty to their Wisdom score and a -2 penalty to their Charisma score, as their demonic characteristics tend to cause aversion in most creatures. This penalty does not apply to other cambion and alu-demons, as well as to demons, devils, and other inhabitants of the Lower Planes.


Aquatic Elves

Aquatic elves, or sea elves, are an elven subrace that lives underwater near large reefs and permanent kelp forests. They tend to be quite flighty and capricious, even for elves. Sea elves have green-silver skin and green or blue-green hair. They tend to be of average build (for elves) and slightly shorter than normal. All aquatic elves have gills on the sides of their throats and can breath both underwater (indefinately) and in air. 80% of sea elves can only breathe air for a limited time (several hours); the other 20% may be breathe air indefinately. They have considerable webbing on their feet and hands, and their feet are flatter and wider (although not excessively so) than their land-dwelling cousins.

Sea elves may become clerics, druids, fighters, rangers, or thieves. Multi-classed sea elves may be fighter/clerics, fighter/druids, fighter/thieves, ranger/druids, or ranger/thieves, Non-player character sea elves may become sages (oracles).

All aquatic elves can swim at a base rate of 12. They are able to conceal themselves in kelp beds or reefs 75% of the time, and can move through seaweed and kelp beds with no movement penalty. As aquatic creatures, they suffer none of the penalties associated with depth or unfamiliar environment that land-dwelling races are susceptible to when travelling underwater. They possess infravision out to 60 yards.

Like most other elves, aquatic elves are highly resistant to sleep and charm, being affected by them only 10% of the time. When using a spear or trident, sea elves gain a +1 bonus to their attack rolls.

Sea elves may speak elvish, merman, triton, dolphin, common, and the trading language common to undersea races.

Due to their aquatic nature, no sea elf likes to be away from a large body of water for extended periods of time. Many suffer from versions of agoraphobia or claustrophobia. Most dislike being indoors, and generally detest dungeons.

Aquatic elves receive no ability modifiers.

Snow Elves

Snow elves are closely related to high elves; however, they have adapted to the harsh climate of the arctic. Found only in frozen wastelands, arctic tundras, and high snow-bound mountain valleys, snow elves lead a semi-nomadic existence. They rarely have contact with outside races, but when they do, their reactions tend to be cautious curiosity. Some snow elf clans are almost barbaric in culture, but others have developed a sophisticated society that thrives despite the harsh environment. Snow elves tend to be slightly stockier than high elves, with much more pale skin, light brown to black hair, and green to yellow eyes. Snow elves may become clerics, druids, fighters, rangers, magic-users, or thieves. Multi-classed options include fighter/cleric, fighter/druid, fighter/magic-user, fighter/thief, ranger/cleric, ranger/druid, ranger/magic-user, magic-users/thief, fighter/magic-user/cleric, and fighter/magic-user/thief. Non-player character snow elves may become sages or alchemists.

Snow elves are highly resistant to sleep and charm, being affected by them only 10% of the time. When using any bow (other than crossbows), any sword, or a spear, snow elves gain a +1 bonus to their attack rolls.

Snow elves speak elvish, dwarvish, goblin, hobgoblin, orcish, gnoll and common.

Snow elves possess infravision out to 60 yards and also possess ultravison to 120 yards. They can detect natural traps and snares (25% chance) and are able to determine direction outdoors 50% of the time. When alone and not wearing metal armor, snow elves add +3 to their chance to surprise.

Snow elves have no ability score modifiers.

Verbeeg Giant

Verbeeg giants are a race of human behemoths.



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